"The Family Brand™" Brand

The Family Brand Movement™, started by Lavette Minn, an inspiring mother alongside her 17-year old son, Che Homme, aims to educate and encourage families to build unique and productive family brands that creates legacy and financial freedom in their lives. 
Lavette and Che started on this path of encouraging and motivating families to build family brands after their So Gone Challenge video went viral on Facebook back in August 2016. They received an overwhelming response from people all over the world because their message in the video resonated deeply. To date, they’ve written 2 books and have a song titled “HHELLO” which is part of their family brand and legacy. They knew that their mission was bigger than the 3+ million views their video attracted, so they decided to embark on this journey together of impacting 1,000,000 families by helping them to build their own family brands.
Lavette Minn is the visionary behind "The Family Brand™" brand and recently, the 60 Second Entrepreneur™ platform. She went from broke, trying to figure it out to making over 5 FIGURES in 90 days from pure drive, vision, ambition and believing that she was HER OWN RESCUE by no longer feeling sorry for herself, but by tapping into the knowledge, resources and gifts that surrounded her everyday. Her role as the Family Brand Educator on The 60 Second Entrepreneur Talk Show is to fuel the spirit of entrepreneurs on every level with words, quotes and phrases during those dark moments of feeling defeated, lonely, lost and questioning "Am I doing what I'm called to do?" We are all here to do something great and MAJOR! Allow Lavette to embark on your journey with you to your greatness by tuning in on Facebook and/or Instagram @lavette_minn, MON-FRI between 8am-12am est or by visiting her website at www.lavetteminn.com. Join the VIP Group for trainings and tips on how to manifest your dream family brand by clicking here